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Dogs Are Never Too Old for Fun and Games!

Posted on February 17 2017


For those who are animal lovers, it is no news to them that games are not just for the kids. Pets are kids too, and more often than not love to join in on the fun. Finding new ways to entertain your four-legged child can often be a daunting task that one does not always manage to achieve a favourable outcome too. So the best way is to reinvent old ones in a trendy fun way.

For those who have pets that love to barge into the middle of a game the little kids are playing, there are often ways to include them. In games like tug and war, basketball, there are ways to adapt that are still fun for ever one. By utilising an old chew rope of your pet you can allow him or her to join in on the tug of war without letting them think that it is acceptable to be chewing up the kiddies’ toys. This way, they will also know that it is time for them to play along when they see this item being used.

For a well-rounded game that all involved will enjoy is that of the old time favourite ‘hide and seek’. There are clever ways that your beloved pets can join in. By isolating them in an area not too far away, then going to hide in another area of the property and calling them once you are hidden. They will then have the thrill of running around to sniff out where you are. This trains their sense of smell and hunting skills. This can be very rewarding to both owner and pet.

Remember to reward them when they find you with lots of love and a yummy treat. In the case of a basketball game, find an old basket and the pup’s favourite toy or ball. Show them what you want them to do with clear commands and actions. Once you feel they know what you want them to do, give them the item and ask them to put it in the basket. Remember to reward them when they get it right. This teaches them to obey command as well as learning to follow through with actions and discipline.

These are just some of the old school games that can be freshened up and are a lot of fun for everyone involved.


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